Place Production Research Group (PPG),  formally referred to as Place Research Lab is an organisation dedicated to researching the concept of Place. We are interested in the phenomena of places and in exploring and valuing their complexities, rather than attempting to reduce them to standardised inputs for reproduction. Our objective is to define a distinct area of research that requires an interdisciplinary approach and is explored through a positive interaction between theory and practice.

Sense of Place is a phrase that has a universal currency, yet it is also an abstract concept. It defies rationalisation, relying instead on an individual’s sensations, yet inhabitants of a particular place can often agree on what makes it unique.

A test-tube cannot contain a sense of place and so the world is our laboratory. Practice and theory interact with everyday life in this lab and our objective is the generation of knowledge in its widest sense.

Place Production Research Group was set up through a collaboration between think place
and the University of East London as an independent CIC to research a shared field of interest.
PPG CIC’s constitution restricts its applied research activities to improving sustainability in the design and use of places, for public benefit. No profits are made on our work and any surplus income generated is reinvested to further these objectives.

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The group is recognised as a Research Group of the Sustainability Research Institute at
the University of East London UEL research group leader:
Alan Chandler
Contact: a.chandler@uel.ac.uk

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